Dunollie hotel, Isle of Skye

The Dunollie hotel is situated on the famous Dunollie Peninsula, on the eastern coast of Scotland. This part of Dunmail is a World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful places in all of the United Kingdom. Every year, thousands of visitors descend on this area of Stratchclyde Country and stay at a Dunollie hotel. It is popular for hiking, biking, sailing and the great food that the town offers. There are several restaurants to choose from throughout the town that specialize in seafood.

There are about ten different rooms available at the Dunollie hotel and they are all fully equipped with the modern amenities and entertainment systems that you would expect from rooms in a hotel. All of the rooms feature flat screen televisions, hairdryers, iron and steel appliances, WIFI, coffee and tea makers, air conditioners and other modern day conveniences. Each of the rooms also has their own restroom, bath and shower areas. The hotel accommodation does not have central air conditioning and there are about twenty elevators that are available to take you up and down the elevators.

The hotel does not offer many extra facilities or amenities. When you arrive you will be met at the front door by a steward who will take you to your room. If you have questions or if there is an emergency, you will be able to find an immediate answer at any of the guest restrooms throughout the hotel. When you check into your room, there will be a guest robe service waiting for you to undress. There are also over three hundred towels, bed sheets and robes in the waiting area and many of the guest rooms do not have these types of facilities.

The hotel does not have cable TV or internet access but there is a bar with a very limited selection of drinks and beverages. There is no direct bus service to the island and you must walk to the island to enjoy anything at all. Fortunately, there are a number of transportation services including the Dunollie bus which goes to Fyne. If you stay at the hotel on Dunloch House Road, you will be able to travel to Fyne by train, coach or taxi. There are numerous ferry rides that can be enjoyed during your stay at the hotel. There is no public transport available to the visitors of the hotel and many of the visitors do not venture far from the front door.

The food that is served at the hotel is disappointing from the first meal that you have and you will be hungry again before you end your visit. The meals are usually very bland and lack flavor. The hotel offers only a single dining room that does not have any decoration at all. The other rooms are extremely beautiful and do not look like they are even used at all.

When you arrive at the hotel, you will be greeted by a man in the front that works as a desk clerk. If you do not want to speak with him, there are many other people who will greet you when you enter the lobby. The other guest that you will encounter when you enter is the owner of the establishment, Frank O’Brien, who will help you with your luggage.

The accommodations at the Doonlogue resort are a bit pricy considering the quality that you receive. If you go on a holiday with an extended family, you may want to consider another accommodation. Fortunately, there is still an option for those families that wish to enjoy a relaxing stay at the hotel. There are actually suites that are available at this establishment. Many of these suites offer a more intimate setting for visitors while at the same time being able to upgrade their level of comfort.

The accommodations are decent and meet the needs of most people. The price that is charged for rooms is reasonable and the staff provides good customer service. For all of the beautiful scenery that is located just minutes from the hotel, the food that is offered is worth the price. Those staying at the Dunollie hotel will enjoy many relaxing moments in the great outdoors, along with many dining options from local restaurants.