Royal hotel, Portree

The Royal Hotel Portree is a fine hotel in Greece, located in the heart of Piraeus, Greece. It is one of the most important hotels of Piraeus, and is near the Piraeus port. The Royal is renowned as a quality hotel. It has various branches in several parts of Greece and has received many awards for its fine services. There are three star luxury hotels in the hotel. They have all the modern amenities of the first class hotels like access to gymnasium and swimming pool.

The hotel is also near the port of Piraeus. There is direct transportation to the ferry that crosses the Greek islands and the International Airport. If you are planning to go out for sea sports then the Golden Beach, Santorini, or the Epirus ports are nearby, or else you can also go to the mainland of Piraeus. The hotel serves special food items such as fresh fish and salads.

The rooms are all very well furnished and the staff is friendly and helpful. The rooms have internet connections in addition to satellite TV. Telephone, fax, and internet are available in the bedroom. You can choose to get personal with a phone call, or you can use the intercom. For an extra fee you can have your own private telephone and fax line in the room. Some of the rooms also have their own balconies, where you can enjoy the sea breeze and read your favourite magazine.

The Royal has separate facilities for male and female guests. If you are a guest of the Royal it is possible for you to have a room with a balcony. There is a pool area, where you can swim and the water is generally warm. The pool area is also available for children. You will find a gym available, as well as many other amenities including Jacuzzi baths and saunas.

The hotel offers a variety of meals at different dining establishments around the Portree. You can select a hotel restaurant that has a fantastic view of the bay. There is also a choice of eating places that offer a variety of cuisine. You can also enjoy some of the local restaurants and coffee shops. English pubs are also situated in the immediate vicinity of the Royal.

Most of the Royal Hotel Portree’s rooms are air conditioned, although there are some rooms that are ventilated. In addition to the rooms there are banquet and meeting rooms. Most of these meeting rooms are available for rent for events such as meetings. Some of the banquet rooms are also available for hire.

There is a restaurant in the Royal that serves lunch and dinner. You will find various dishes on offer at these restaurants. Some of the dishes may be familiar to you; others you will have to try to find. The hotel also has a bar area. You can enjoy a cocktail here, or a nice meal.

The Royal Hotel Portree is located at the Royal Docks, a busy shipping harbor. This is on the oldest part of the harbor. It is a very busy hotel due to the presence of the cruise ship. There is a wide variety of hotels that are located nearby including the Portree and the Sheraton Fort Museum. These hotels provide excellent services to their guests.

The Sheraton Fort Museum is a good place to start if you are interested in artifacts. There are many artifacts available for viewing. There is an open air museum on the premises. The rooms in this hotel are spacious and comfortable. They offer en-suite bathrooms and air conditioning.

The rooms are well furnished and spacious with comfortable mattresses. In the living and dining areas, you will find a home style restaurant and beautiful garden. The Royal Docks is one of the most modern and beautiful hotels in Scotland. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is on the premises.

If you like to dine in a historic setting, the Portree is the perfect place for you. You will dine in the restaurant called The Royal Oak. The dining area is large and the dining experience is exceptional. If you are looking for a place to relax, there are bars and lounge areas available for your enjoyment. You can order pints of fine Scotch and other fine ales.