Marmalade hotel, Portree

The Marmalade Hotel is nestled at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain in the town of Portree, Western Australia. The resort offers visitors the chance to stay onsite at their own luxurious Marmalade Farmhouse while enjoying all that Portree has to offer. It is home to a multitude of outdoor activities for both locals and tourists alike. Whether you enjoy mountain biking, paddling, fishing, hiking or simply enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you, Marmalade Farmhouse will most definitely be the place to stay during your time in Western Australia.

The Marmalade is surrounded by many beautiful landscapes. You can choose to stay at any of them, or perhaps mix and match. You will also find that the Marmalade Hotel is within walking distance of several sightseeing attractions, including the famous Perth Aquarium, Burleigh Heads Adventure Park, Nobbies Underwater Zoo, and the Broadwater Beachlands. There are many different activities for you to participate in while you stay at the Marmalade.

One of the most popular activities that tourists enjoy when staying at the Marmalade is boating. There are several boats available for rent, including powerboats, inflatable and sailboats. You can even hire a water scooter if you would prefer to do some of your shopping while you are out on the water. Boats can be hired from any of the Marmalade’s marina partners.

Fishing is another popular activity in which you may wish to participate in while staying at the Marmalade. There are many charter fishing boats available to take you out into the waters of Western Australia. However, you should first check with the fishing company whether or not they provide any fishing holiday packages. Most companies do, but it is always better to check before you go ahead and book your accommodation with them.

As a visitor, you will definitely want to sample the food that is offered at the Marmalade. There is a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy some exquisite food. These restaurants are operated by the Marmalade’s catering staff. You can choose from Italian, Greek, Japanese, Middle Eastern or even Thai cuisine.

The Marmalade also offers guests an opportunity to enjoy a number of different types of spa treatments. Many of the treatments will include therapeutic massages. Other services include mud wraps, body scrubs and manicures. If you are looking for a romantic holiday getaway, you may prefer to spend some time at the Marmalade Hotel Portree relaxing with your loved one, rather than having a romantic dinner.

Of course, you will want to enjoy your free time at the Marmalade Hotel Portree as much as possible. This is what most visitors really appreciate. You can visit the nearby beaches and enjoy some fun water activities while you are there. After a long day of sightseeing, you may want to unwind by lazing around on the deck of the Marmalade. Here, you can relax luxuriously in the company of other guests while enjoying the fantastic views over Water Street.

Although there are many reasons why you should make this accommodation choice a priority when you are planning your next holiday, there are only a few reasons why it has never been more popular. In fact, the Marmalade Hotel Portree is becoming such a popular choice with first-time tourists, it has already become the hottest new hotel on the waterfront. You cannot afford to miss out on one of the best hotel deals in the Western Isles. To find out more about booking your holiday home in the Marmalade, contact the owner, Mark Bright. You may also visit their website, which offers many attractive holiday deals.